Why I’m Wearing Red Today

I'm a pretty boring guy when it comes to fashion.  I tend to stick to some basic colors: black, brown, blue, and gray.

It's very rare that I wear something very bright that would bring more attention to myself.

Maybe some psychologist has a reasoning behind my behavior, but that's the way it is.

Anyway, today I have stepped out of my usual choice of dress and I have decided to wear a red shirt.  


I'm wearing the shirt to support the American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day.

In case you didn't know, Heart Disease kills more women than all cancers combined.  This is serious business.

Since I have lots of women in my family, including a wife and two daughters, I figured that I could help in awareness.

Just take a look at these resources and I hope it saves at least one life.

1)  Check out the Heart Attack Risk Assessment calculator to determine your risk

2)  Read this to become familiar with the warning signs of a heart attack

3)  Click here to learn about Prevent and Treatment of Heart Attacks

4)  If you would like to make a donation to the cause, you can donate here


That's it.  Now the next step is to share this information with others.  Feel free to spread this post or a link to the Go Red Campaign via email or your social media platforms.  You could help save a life!