What Good Does Complaining Do?

We have all been there at some point.  Someone treats you unfairly.  Someone doesn't understand you or your decisions.  

It is a part of life and sometimes it can be aggravating…so what do you do?

Here are 5 ways to avoid complaining and to take better action:

1)  Focus on what is really important – sometimes, it is just better to place your thoughts on other things.  Sometimes the things we complain about are not really that important and we shouldn't devote much time to thinking about them.

2)  Change the way you speak about problems – the way to speak about problems to others can sometimes perpetuate our feelings and cause us to complain even more if we are not careful.  Talk less about problems and talk more about solutions.

3)  Look for opportunities in trials – difficult times happen for a reason.  While we are going through difficult times or after we come out of them, we can look for lessons that we can learn during that season.  We should come out stronger after every trial.

4)  Recognize that complaining won't change the situation – think about it, does more complaining make the problem go away?..of course not.  In the end, complaining just makes you feel worse anyway, so it makes sense to avoid it.

5)  Take action – many times, the things we complain about are things that we have some control about.  Instead of complaining about your environment, take action to change it.