To Eat The Grapes or Not Eat The Grapes

Last week, I was running a brief errand to the grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed for the house.

My wife had sent a text message with the list of things we needed…only 5 or 6 things, but I didn’t want to forget anything.

One of the things that was on the list was fruits. I walked over to the produce area and the thought occurred to me that I could possibly get some grapes as a healthy snack for my time at work.

I’m trying to eat healthier and I think eating grapes is much better than eating some of the sugary, processed food that I somehow seem to find every time I want to lose weight.

As I got to the area, I could see this lady coming around the corner where the grapes were. While glancing up to see the price of the fruit, I noticed that the lady had a mouth full of grapes.

grape display

She was chewing the grapes and, I’m not usually one to assume, but it appeared to me that she had not paid for a bag of grapes and there was no sample laid out that I could see.

So it brings me to a question….Is there some unwritten rule that says it is ok to eat 5 or 6 grapes to determine whether they are to your liking before making the purchase?

What about 1 or 2? or none?

Are you supposed to just know that you purchase the fruit at your own risk?

You don’t slice open a watermelon to taste a few pieces and then leave it there, so how is this much different?

I’ve never tasted grapes in the store, but it seems to be something that I have seen over and over again.

Some stores such as Whole Foods have covered trays laid out that allow you to sample some of the fruit, cheeses, and other items in the store, but not every store does this.

In this store, H-E-B, there was no sample area for the grapes and this lady was “going to town” on the grapes and I don’t recall seeing any grapes in her basket as she left the area.

Here’s my question. Is it alright to “taste” the grapes or not?

  • I had the same question after witnessing people sampling the grapes and cherries. A store employee encouraged me to sample the product but I prefer to wash before consumption. Sometimes I wish I would have done the same after buying 2-3 lbs and they don’t taste good. I guess it’s acceptable.