That Kind of Co-Worker

Workplaces can be some interesting environments.

You interact with people who may have different beliefs or customs, different educational levels or dialects, and even different ways in which they were taught etiquette (A.K.A. "home training"). 

If you are fortunate, you work in an office with encouraging people who generally get along and also respect each others' boundaries.  

If you aren't so fortunate, I'm so sorry that's the case and hopefully things will get better or hopefully you'll find another job somewhere else.

Either way though, you have probably dealt with at least one annoying or aggravating co-worker at times.

If you are honest, you and I have probably been annoying co-workers to someone at some point in time as well.  Hopefully, we keep our offenses to a minimum.


People will rub each other the wrong way in a work place.  That's just the way it is, but even if you've annoyed a few of your co-workers over the years, I hope you have never been like David Thorne.

During the course of six months, he received ten formal complaints in his workplace.

Just a few examples:

1)  He opened someone else's package…but that's not all of the story.

2)  He answered the phone as one of his co-workers and told a client that he couldn't help him at the moment since it was his "nap time"

3)  He ate someone's sandwich from their tupperware in the fridge.

You can see all 10 of the formal complaints here and enjoy a laugh to start off the week.

If you're doing any of these, please do everyone a favor and Stop It!

Question:  What is the most annoying thing that a co-worker ever did or still does in your workplace?