One of the Best Gifts a Wife Can Give

The period from September through May is a season of celebration for us.  

Our children have birthdays during that period.  We have birthdays during that period.  Even our parents have birthdays during that period.

There is also Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Valentine's Day and our Anniversary. 

It can certainly be a time for gift giving, but my wife has certainly given me one of the best gifts any wife can give, and she gives me that gift all year long.



Watch God Work

I am always astonished at how little I know in comparison to God, or even other people for that matter.

Sometimes I think that I have a situation figured out or that I know how it's going to happen, but I honestly have no clue.

A few weeks ago, I was sharing a story with someone about how things lined up in a situation I was facing about little over 4 years ago and they suggested that I post about it to encourage others and to encourage myself about a new situation as well.


When Do You Get The Most Done?

I have always been a morning person.  

I know that may be strange to some people, but even as a teenager, I would spring out of bed before the sun had come up.  

There was always this feeling that I was wasting part of the day if I didn't get up to do something.

I honestly don't know what I was doing all of the time in the morning (probably watching television), but I just felt that I wanted to get something done.  I wanted to be productive.

I recently read an article that says Tuesdays are the Most Productive Day of the Week, and for me I believe this is absolutely true.



Stop Saying Backslash

I'm a computer geek.  In fact, working with and around computers is my day job and I love what I am able to do on the internet.

In addition to being a technology professional, I also enjoy teaching people and doing training (kinda happens when most of your family consists of educators).

So, when I hear people saying something incorrectly over and over again, I cringe.



3 Things to Do During Your Commute

I was listening to a story this morning on the radio about a man who has a 3 hour commute to and from work each day, Monday through Friday.  

Now, for me thinking about my 25 or 30 minute commute, that seems ridiculous.  

I'm sometimes tired even after taking that short trip, so I know that I would be extremely exhausted if I had to drive 3 hours each way.  

Either way, it made me think about some things that you can get done during your commute, no matter how long or short it may be.



Don’t Just Sit There

Not long ago, I purchased a pedometer to get an idea of how many steps I take during the course of a day.

It was pretty eye-opening.

There are some studies out that show how many steps the average person takes in a day and then how many an active person takes.

Some Japanese doctors stated that if you're trying to lose weight, you should take somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 steps, which is around 5 miles a day.



Seven Steps To Launch Your Professional Blog or Website

Since I set up websites for businesses, organizations, and individuals on a regular basis, I know that the technical aspects of setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog or website can seem overwhelming.

If you expect to build a following or to have more flexibility in the look and feel of your site, then it is necessary to take a step past simply creating a "free" blog using Blogger or



The Top 7 Apps I Use Every Day

Life was drastically different before the world of smartphones. I'm not going to say that it was better or worse, but it was different.

Regardless of where you stand on the issue, I believe there are some great benefits to having a smartphone in today's society and I find that I am generally more productive when I use my favorite 7 apps.

If you haven't used these before, I would encourage you to check them out…they are all FREE!