10 Lessons I Learned from my Dad

During my morning commute on the bus the other day, I decided to tune in to the Focus on the Family podcast (you should check it out sometime!) The guest on this particular show was pastor, author, and entrepreneur, John Maxwell.

Since it was an episode in the week leading up to Father's Day, the topic was geared toward parenting and John Maxwell was sharing about lessons he learned from his dad.

It got me to thinking and I realized that there are many lessons that I too learned from my dad and I wanted to share.



Copycat Kids

In case you are a parent and you haven't realized it yet, your children will imitate you.  Depending on the level of influence you have with them, they will speak like you, they will eat like you, they will think like you, and even react to situations like you.

This can be a good thing if we exhibit good behavior in front of our kids, but of course the opposite is true as well.  If we lose our temper, overreact in situations, or give inappropriate responses, our children are sure to mimic that behavior at some point.



3 Things Every Dad Wants for Father’s Day

Nearly a month ago, millions of women across the country, including my gorgeous wife, were honored for their role as mothers and caregivers.  Many greeting cards were mailed, bouquets of flowers were sent, and gifts of all sorts were given.  In addition to these celebratory actions, I am sure some people even cooked for their mother, grandmother, or wife or possibly shared some sort of special meal at a restaurant.

This month, the time is approaching when the contributions big and small of dads will be celebrated, but not with nearly as much fanfare.  It is a shame that these days so many people have such negative and painful thoughts when it comes to their dads (if they even know who he is).  Despite the negative situations that exist, I feel that more focus should be placed on dads who are actually involved in the lives of their children and who are giving it their best effort.  They should be acknowledged and given the opportunity to get the three things every dad wants for Father's Day.



Timed Just Right

Since I moved to the Houston, Texas area about a month ago,  I have enjoyed being able to take the bus to work via the park and ride system.  

It really frees me up to do more reading and writing without having to focus on what is going on around me on the road.

Another bonus is that I don't use the gas in my vehicle and I'm not putting any miles on it with a considerable commute to and from work.

My process for getting on the bus is pretty easy in the morning.  I hop in the SUV and drive less than a mile to a huge parking lot and then I get on the bus within a few minutes.  Easy enough.

In the evenings, though, it is a different story.  I have to walk several blocks over from the street where my office is and try to get on a bus as soon as possible while recognizing that my end of the street is near the end of the bus line before it gets on the interstate.  



Challenged By My Brothers

A couple of days ago, I had my regular "mastermind" meeting.

During this meeting, an interesting topic came up that I thought was worth addressing.

I believe when our online meeting of guys came together, I believe we all had in mind a vision to encourage each other in our business efforts from a Christian perspective.

What has developed now is a group of six guys who are business-minded, but more importantly Kingdom-minded men who arent' willing to sacrifice their families for a sake of a buck.

We all recognize our need and want to provide for our families, but what our group helps us with is staying accountable and recognizing that we shouldn't provide at the neglect of our marriage and parental relationships.



3 Things to Do Now That Mother’s Day is Over

In case you were interested in a little Mother's Day history, yesterday, May 11, 2014 marked 100 years of celebrating Mother's Day in the United States.

Back in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a joint resolution designating the 2nd Sunday in May as Mother's Day

It was great to celebrate my wife, my mom, my mother-in-law, and all of the other mothers I know.

I saw one post after another with people honoring their mom for her sacrifice and acts of love.

Now that the day is over for 2014, I am reflecting on what can be done next.  I figured that some people could use a few ideas and that provides an opportunity for me to think outloud via the blog.



How to Find Free Books on Nearly Any Topic

I have often heard it said that Readers are Leaders and Leaders are Readers.

I agree with the statement and I have seen how reading has helped me in the process of developing leadership skills.

With this being said, it may be cost-prohibitive or inconvenient to order or pick up as many books as you would like on various topics, and that is the place that I found myself until recently.



An April Fool’s Prank to Remember

This is my last week of work in the place where I've been for 12 years.  

During the course of those years, I have established trust with lots of people and I have served lots of staff members in their technology needs.

Part of what I'll miss on this job is how well our team has flowed and how well we have worked together to help everyone else do their jobs without them having to give a second thought about technology support.

Our staff knows that we keep them on the cutting edge of technology and this provided the perfect setup for one last April Fool's Prank.