Still Got It…Sort Of

It has been more than a decade since I last played basketball consistently. Back in my high school days, I loved playing any time I got a chance. I would play during my P.E. classes and I would play on our basketball goal at home just about every day that I could.

It didn’t matter if my brother wanted to play with me or if my neighbor or even if no one wanted to play, I was determined that I would go out and shoot.

Somewhere along the line, I traded basketball for video games, studying, and surfing the web.

After working in jobs that have mostly kept me sitting at a desk for nearly a decade and not doing any exercise other than moving along (trying) with a few Tae-bo videos, I finally decided to do something.

I recognize that I’ve been married for nearly 10 years and, though my wife is the one who has given birth to six children, I’m the one who has added “baby weight”.

Since starting my job in Houston, I have been fortunate to have a free gym that is located right next to the building where I work. About a month after I started the job, I decided that I would take advantage of what was so accessible.



To Eat The Grapes or Not Eat The Grapes

Last week, I was running a brief errand to the grocery store to pick up a few things that we needed for the house.

My wife had sent a text message with the list of things we needed…only 5 or 6 things, but I didn’t want to forget anything.

One of the things that was on the list was fruits. I walked over to the produce area and the thought occurred to me that I could possibly get some grapes as a healthy snack for my time at work.

I’m trying to eat healthier and I think eating grapes is much better than eating some of the sugary, processed food that I somehow seem to find every time I want to lose weight.

As I got to the area, I could see this lady coming around the corner where the grapes were. While glancing up to see the price of the fruit, I noticed that the lady had a mouth full of grapes.

grape display


Someone Decided to Be Me For a Day

A couple of weeks ago, someone decided to be me for the day. Interestingly enough, this wasn’t the first time it happened.

A few years ago, another person decided that they worked at my job and that it was perfectly fine to participate in some of the privileges that I had there as well.

Why would anyone want to be me?

Well, I do have a lovely wife and wonderful kids, but that’s not what these people wanted to benefit from.

Even though I am not wealthy YET (always have to throw that out there), two people decided that it was acceptable to make purchases as me.



Youth Coaches, Is It Really That Serious?

I went to my nephew’s game the other night for a youth football league and most of the players were in their upper-elementary school years.  My wife and I had been to games before for young kids, but being that “everything is bigger in Texas”, we didn’t know exactly what to expect with this game.

We got there and discovered that the junior high field that they were playing on looked a lot better than many I’ve seen at the high school level.  I was thinking, “man these kids have it made to be able to play on such a beautiful field”.

Anyway, after we got settled in, we looked around and spotted our nephew decked out in a uniform that closely resembled the uniforms of the professional team of the same name.  Once play started, I was eager to see what they would do.

Of course, the level of play was not what you see when you watch NFL, college, or even high school football games, but the kids were doing a good job…at least to me.  The kids had some of the fundamentals down and I was impressed with the potential that I saw as I watched them rush, pass, and pull off double-reverse plays.

What stood out to me while I was there was the level of intensity of some of the coaches.  It reminded me of times when I didn’t feel like playing little league sports because I didn’t want to deal with hollering or the pressure or intensity that was often used when all I wanted to do was have fun.

A New Family Routine

A couple of weeks ago, our church put on a family conference that challenged us in our role as parents. We were encouraged and inspired by the things that we shared, but most importantly, we were challenged.

Over the years, I have inconsistently incorporated reading a devotional or bible story to the kids at night just before bed. After those readings, we would pray and then they would go to sleep.

Somewhere along the line, I got off track and the routine was broken.

My wife on the other hand, was more consistent in having a devotional time that included singing, prayer, and sharing the word of God.

During the family conference at church, I was ignited once again to take the lead in the discipling of my children through scripture.



Choosing to Have a Good Day

Sometimes, you just wake up "on the wrong side of the bed".  That was me this morning.

I got up around the usual time and, despite my best efforts, I could not get my act together.

I tried my hardest to keep down the noise and to avoid waking my wife too early, but it seemed like every time I touched something or even passed by it, it made the loudest sound possible.

Since I didn't get my clothes together the night before, I ended up ironing and taking more time than I expected on getting dressed.  

Once that was over with, I didn't have much time for breakfast, so I inhaled some cereal as fast as possible and got out the door.

Once I got off the bus to walk toward my office, about halfway through, I felt something pop me on the shoulder.  After looking over, I could have passed out.  There was a disgusting brown spot on my shoulder from a bird and I still had to take the other half of my walk to the building.



No Need for Facebook Apps?

After writing about my frustration with Facebook's decision to separate it's Messenger feature into a separate app, I continued to read about both sides of the argument.

Though I still don't plan to download the Messenger app, I also decided to delete the regular Facebook app from my Android phone as well.

One of my online colleagues mentioned that many of the security/privacy issues people are worried about with the Messenger app already exist with the regular app.

That wasn't my reason for deleting the app through.



I Don’t Want Another Facebook App

Here's the deal.  Facebook is a free app and it has many great uses and features.

Like many people, I use it almost every day to keep up with people and sometimes just to waste time (I'm working on that part!)

From time to time, I want to chat with some of my friends and relatives and I use the Messenger feature.

It's a pretty cool way to chat back and forth with a person and to share a post that I find interesting with a few select people.

I mostly use the desktop version for posting to Facebook and sending messages, but most people I know use the mobile app.  If I'm not at my computer or if I'm out on an errand, I pull out the smartphone and check in just like most folks. 

As someone who tends to look at website analytics, I know that, more than ever, people are viewing web content and social media from their phones and that percentage will only increase.  That makes it all the more important to make sure mobile users have a pleasant experience.



The Number One Reason to Have a Twitter Account

I can remember the moment when I first signed up for a Twitter account.

It was December of 2009 and I was attending the Do It With Drupal conference in New Orleans, LA and one of the speakers was talking about keeping up with event details and postings via Twitter.  They encouraged us to sign up if we had not yet created an account and I did it.

At first it seemed a bit silly, but after a few days, I was starting to get the hang of it. 

Now that it is 4.5 years later, I wouldn't say that I'm a pro at Twitter, but I have a much better grasp of how to use it and how to get a better experience from the tool.