Everyone Needs Reminders

As a techie, I go through a lot of information on a daily basis.  I interact with people through email, I have conversations over the phone and in person, and I read lots of blog posts, tweets on Twitter, and Facebook posts.

Since so much information goes through my brain, I often need reminders to keep up with important dates and details.

As I was reading a candid email from author Robert D. Smith few days ago, the thought came to me that we often need reminders of lessons that we have learned in life as well.


In addition to keeping up with important dates, meetings, and obligations, we also need to be reminded of important factors in our lives.

Here are seven that I constantly have to remind myself:

1.  If God does nothing else for you in this lifetime, you are already blessed beyond measure

The #1 thing that I am grateful for at this point in my life is salvation.  After truly meeting Jesus in my early twenties, there was no experience that could compare.  It is a priceless gift and one that I hope to share with thousands of people. in my lifetime.

2.  Your wife and kids love you and they show you every day

There is not a day that goes by where I am not shown love by my wife and kids.  My wife serves us faithfully at home and the kids smile and laugh with me every day.

3.  You are gainfully employed and have never missed an important payment since you started working

With unemployment rates where they are and people struggling to get by, I have been blessed to work in an environment that I enjoy and I have been able to provide for my family as it has grown.  I have to remind myself to be grateful for "the process" when I start thinking about my career advancement and my aspirations as a business owner. 

4.  Your clients think of you as a man of integrity and they trust you to share personal information

I have been able to work with people who are known by millions of people.  I have also worked with business owners who have freely given me financial information and/or passwords because they knew that I could be trusted.  That, in itself, is an honor.  

5.  You have musical talents that have allowed you to meet some great people

Since I've played the piano for the past 21 years, I have met some interesting people.  While serving as a worship leader and music minister, I have had opportunities to interact with pastors and other people I respect.  I have also had great conversations with people while providing music and community functions.  I'm not as skilled as I want to be, but I'm in a position to use my gift, so I'll take that.

6.  You have escaped death at least once that you know of and possibly thousands of times because of God's grace

When I was in college, I was in an accident where the van I was riding in flipped over a few times.  As I approached that moment, I was almost sure that I was going to die.  Obviously (since I'm writing this post), that didn't happen, but I have to remind myself that my life has been spared – not just that time, but more than I could imagine.

7.  You may not consider yourself to be an expert in lots of things, but other people do

Until recently, I didn't think of just how many people ask my wife and I questions about a number of topics.  I get questions about computers, websites, and other technical topics.  My wife is often asked about marriage, parenting, hair care, cooking, and homemaking.  It's an honor to be thought of as a source of wisdom for some of these topics.


Question:  I've listed a few of the reminders that I need.  What are some of the reminders that you often need?

Are We Addicted to Sitting?

I just read an article written in the Harvard Business Review called Sitting is the Smoking of Our Generation.  


Two quick observations: 

1)  Don't think I'm super smart or some sort of genius because I'm reading the Harvard Business Review.  Someone tweeted about the article and I followed the link.  If you want to think I'm incredibly intelligent though, please carry on.

2)  If you're sitting down while you're reading this article, if possible, get up and read it while standing.


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One Step At A Time

It's the beginning of the year.  You know what typically happens at the beginning of the year? Right. Many of us set huge goals and establish that THIS will be our year.

Somewhere along though, our insanity kicks in and we somehow realize that doing the same thing, the same way will produce the same results.



Kids Need Routine

Let's face it, I'm not a parenting expert.  I haven't studied pediatrics or child psychology or any of that.


So why should you listen to me? Here are two reasons:

1) I have 5 beautiful children (they get it from their mother)

2) My wife and I are often complimented about how well-behaved they are


What If?

Think about something for a moment.

What If . . .

…you were able to double your income this year – even in THIS economy

…you found or created your dream job in the next few months


Can You Devote 52 Days?

I'm always looking for new and exciting ways of doing things.  Near the end of November 2012, I signed into my Evernote account and create a list of goals in each area of life for 2013.


It didn't take too long to complete the list, but it is pretty extensive.  Yesterday, i came across a unique approach to achieving goals which incorporated a 52/7 plan developed by Jon Acuff.

The general concept is to set goals for the 7 core areas of life and then focus on them for 52 days.  Starting January 2 provides you with about 7 cycles of 52 days.