Learning While Burning

Nearly every Saturday, I get up early and prepare myself for a day away from my day job.

By the time that day comes, the grass in my yard is pretty high and the yard is time for a cut.  I get out my weed-eater and lawnmower and it's "on like Donkey Kong".

In addition to getting the lawnmower out and the other yard tools, I also grab my earbuds because it is time to get in some education and inspiration as well.

Every Saturday for the past few months, I've listened to one or two podcasts from people like Dan Miller, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, Andy Andrews, and others while I cut the grass.

I like the fact that I'm burning calories and learning ways to improve myself and my business as well.  

This is just one of the ways that I'm moving toward accomplishing my goals. It's more efficient because I can work on two goals at once

Question:  Are there any ways you multi-task to accomplish your personal and/or business goals?