I’m Turning Pro

Before you start preparing to see me on the court for the New Orleans Pelicans or on the sidelines for the Saints, I'll preface this by saying I'm not becoming a professional athlete.

I mean, I could probably put in some conditioning work and at least warm the bench for a while to collect the league minimum, but I think I'm a little too old to worry about that now.

What this post is about is me having a change in the way I do my business.

For a long time, I have dabbled in a lot of different areas.  As I mentioned in one of my most popular posts, we have never been a one income family because of my many pursuits.

So what's different now.


I have decided that I am not going to operate in the business world like I am doing a hobby.  I am going to turn pro and do things like professionals do them.

I have goals.  I have dreams.  I have vision for the things that I want for myself and for my family and the way to get there is to become a professional.

This can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people, but for me it means three things:

1)  Making the most of my time – It is so easy to get caught up in what other people are doing.  Many times, I have gotten up early or stayed up late to work on projects or to write, but I ended up watching what other people were doing on Facebook or reading what they had written on their blog.  In order for me to turn pro, I need to focus on producing a lot more and consuming a lot less.  

2)  Charging what I am worth – I have long struggled with this.  I am a person who likes to help people.  There is nothing wrong with that, except when I harms me or my family.  If I devote the time to something, I believe I should be paid the wages for my labor.  If I provide a service, I don't want to be thought of as the cheapest around or as someone who doesn't deserve the same pay as everyone else.

3)  Taking calculated risks – I believe it was Jon Acuff that said the way to avoid having critics was to avoid doing anything of significance.  That way, you blend in with everyone else.  In case you haven't noticed, I don't tend to follow the mold of society.  My wife and I have more kids than the average family. We homeschool our children.  We have attended churches with mixed congregations.  The list goes on.  I don't want to be everyone's definition of normal in my business.  I don't want to make a "normal" income and I don't want to carry debt like "normal" people.  I want to do significant things that will make a difference for my family and for the world.  

So there you have it.  As of today, I am no longer an amateur.  I am turning pro.  

Stay tuned.

Questions:  Are you operating in an amateur mode in your business, ministry, or professional pursuits?  What is something can you do to turn pro?

  • Nice! I especially like #1 because it hit home with me. I have been guilty and sometimes still am.

    I’m looking fwd to watching your Hall of Fame career grow and develop.

    • Thanks Jackie. My priorities are really in front of me now and I know that things need to change. You and the other guys are helping me take action on things that have been on the back burner for a long time.

  • Barry_Dunlap1

    You are a pro, Devin! Expecting great things!

    • Thanks for believing in me Barry. Your encouragement has meant a lot.

  • Devin,

    Were you somehow listening to the conversation my wife and I were having last night? It’s comforting and encouraging to be on this journey with you. Can’t wait to see what God is working together for His glory.

    • Nope, pretty sure I was in Louisiana…and, I don’t work for the NSA or anything like that…lol. I agree, Eric. It’s going to be amazing to see what the Lord will do.