How to Get Away to the Beach a Couple Times a Week

If you're anything like me, you enjoy getting away from everything once in a while.

Your body is tired. Your mind may be cluttered and in need of a reboot.

You just need a change of scene.

Sometimes, though, financially or logistically, it is difficult to physically get away from your city.

I have found a way that I can get to the beach — at least mentally — a couple of times a week.

I had such an experience last night and it felt so good to be away from the hustle of my daily life.

Here's how I do it.


Using an app on my smartphone called Sleep Pillow, I am able to turn on a variety of sounds including the sound of crashing waves on the beach.  After getting our kids to bed, I laid down on the sofa, turned on the app and stuck the earbuds in my ear.

Shortly after I was lying there, my eyes were closed and I honestly felt like I was on the beach in Florida.  All I could hear was the sound of the waves and I had a great experience.

I realize that this wasn't exactly a romantic weekend or weeklong getaway, but it was a short mental break that I can experience at least two times a week.

Want to experience the same thing?

If you have a smartphone, tablet, or laptop that you can use along with a pair of good quality earbuds, you have what you need.

From past experience, there are other apps available where you can mix in different sounds such as rain, birds, the beach, and more.

Questions:  Have you tried something similar to experience a mini-getaway?  Is this something that you would try?  What are some ideas you have for getting away alone, as a couple, or even as a family when you can't "get away"?

  • Love trying new apps. Going to instal this and use it next time I’m reading.