Evernote, My Go-To Tool

I'm a lover of many things in the field of technology.  Nothing intrigues me more than finding a tool that helps me (or others) work more efficiently, get more organized, or improve in our daily work.

In this post, I share a few things that I like about my latest go-to tool, Evernote.  It's definitely worth checking out.

My life is quite busy.  I work a full-time job, I run a business with multiple clients, I engage in the homeschooling community, I volunteer and get involved in activities at our church, and I have a wife and children to keep up with.  

How does an avearage guy make it happen

My answer is Evernote.  It's a free, web-based program for note taking and archiving.  There are many reasons to use it, but I'll just offer a quick 7.

1)  It's FREE:  There is just something about getting something of value for free.  There are options to upgrade and the free version shows ads, but the ads are unintrusive and they don't bother me.  For my purposes (right now anyway), the free version works.

2)  It's web-based:  I love the fact that I can work on documents or other files and access them anywhere I can get a web connection.

3)  It has a mobile app:  In addition to accessing my files from the web, I can also pull them up on my iPhone

4)  It allows for multiple file formats:  I have text documents, PDFS, images, and mp3s in my Evernote account.  It's great to have.)

5)  It has a great Search function:  Once you start adding great information to your account, it's great to be able to search for what you want.

6)  You can move files around:  If you begin to organize your files into Notebooks and you decide to move something around, you can drag and drop items.

7)  You can share anything from your account: There are times when I need to share something with my wife, my boss, a co-worker, or a client.  Using the sharing feature is very easy and convenient.

If you haven't used Evernote before, you should definitely give a try for a week or too.  I'm sure you will see why it's one of my go-to tools.