Copycat Kids

In case you are a parent and you haven't realized it yet, your children will imitate you.  Depending on the level of influence you have with them, they will speak like you, they will eat like you, they will think like you, and even react to situations like you.

This can be a good thing if we exhibit good behavior in front of our kids, but of course the opposite is true as well.  If we lose our temper, overreact in situations, or give inappropriate responses, our children are sure to mimic that behavior at some point.


Have you ever noticed how you would laugh at things your parents would say and think you would never be or act like them?  What happened as you became an adult? Of course, we you and I have found ourselves saying things and thinking, "I sound just like my daddy" or "I sound just like my mama".  It just happens that way.

Even at an early age, it can sometimes happen and hopefully, your experience will be as pleasant as what I witnessed.

Our kids were sitting down on the sofa watching a movie and my youngest son, who is 20 months, decided to join me as I was fixing some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I finished making the first sandwich and then I placed it in front of him.  Once I finished making two more, I put them on paper towels in front of the areas where our older two boys sit.  As soon as I placed the sandwiches there, I heard the youngest son yell out, "Bahs, bahs, sanwich". 

That was his best impression of my shouting out to the boys saying, "Boys, boys, come get your sandwiches".  It reminded me that he has noticed all of the times that I have fixed sandwiches for them and how I have called them to come and get them.

If he, at less than two years old, can notice something like that, it is obvious that our other kids notice all sorts of things in our behavior and the way we do things.

I am certainly not perfect, but there are lots of things that I want my children to imitate from my character and that of my wife.  I believe that is every parent's desire.

The good thing is if we have passed on bad habits to children, we can change our behavior and hopefully replace those habits with others.  

Question:  What are some of your behaviors you have noticed your child(ren) mimicing?