Don’t Compare, We’re Not All The Same

Important Notice:  I have been guilty of exactly what I mention in this post.

With that said, I hope this message serves as a point of self reflection and not something to make anyone feel bad.

This is a social world and often, before we think about it, we comment on a topic, a story, or a current event without considering the digital or non-digital footprints we leave behind. 



7 Things to Do For a Veteran Today

Today in America, we are celebrating Veterans Day.  

In the case of most people, we are thanking and honoring everyone we know who sacrifice(d) and dedicate(d) their service in our armed forces.

Instead of simply doing the usual thanking and honoring (which is great, by the way) in a general social media post, I thought it would be a good idea to encourage people to take it a few steps further if possible.



My Wife Makes Me Proud

I am blessed beyond measure to be married to my wife, Shayla.  Many people get to experience what she contributes as a friend, relative, or writer, but I get to see her as a wife, mother, friend, and my greatest supporter.  

Yesterday, I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, This is Your Life, from Michael Hyatt.  During the past couple of episodes, he had his wife Gail on and they shared some of their wisdom from 35 years of marriage.  As I listened, I couldn't help but smile because many of the great things Michael shared about his wife were some of the same great things that my bride has offered in our relationship.

She is a gift to me and to everyone who she meets so I decided to honor that and express how proud I am of her today.




Complain, complain, complain

I’m sitting in a waiting area at jury duty and all I’ve heard is complaints.

One after the other, people have expressed their discontent at being here to each other.

Of course, each person is loud enough for other people around them, including me, to hear.

Before I left this morning, my wife had me read a devotional about complaining.

It was a timely message that had prepared me for this time of hearing one complaint after another.

My main question is “What good is it doing?”

When we work ourselves up and get all frustrated with situations we can’t change, the best thing we can do is find something to be thankful for.

I guarantee that in every circumstance or situation, it could be worse and there is likely someone we know who is going through worse.

Question: What actions do you take to avoid complaining?

Lessons From Starting a Podcast

Over the past few years, I've become an extreme fan of podcasts.  I listen to podcasts while I'm doing mundane tasks throughout the day or night and it gives me an opportunity to actually learn something or to do something effective with my time while I'm doing something like washing dishes or cutting grass or walking around at work.

I can learn so many different things and learn about so many tools through listening to podcasts.

One of the formats that I've come to enjoy is the "interview" format where the host does a phone or Skype interview with someone who is respected or has something to offer to their audience.



Guest Posting on Blogs is Like Being a Guest Preacher

I'm seriously planning to do more posting on guest blogs in the near future.  I've had at least one offer and so has my wife.  Think about it this way:  A lot of times people may be familiar with your message or they have heard you speak in your own platform.  They recognize your jokes and know the quirkiness that may define you at times.

When you step out and go into another venue with a different audience, a lot of it appears very fresh and new to them.



The Secret to Getting Better at Something

In most cases, people think there's some type of trick or process that's involved in getting better at something, but the truth is I believe you get better at most things by practicing.

That's really the bottom line.

I've heard it said that practice makes perfect and in some ways that may be true, but perfect practice makes perfect.

Now, in some cases, you may have situations where you may not be able to get better because of a physical limitation.

If you're planning on being able to dunk a basketball and you're out of shape and you've never done it in life, it may be hard for you to pull that off.

What I'm talking about is things that are everyday efforts such as creative work in the forms of writing, singing, etc.

If you've considered writing a blog or book, the way you get better at it is to put pen to paper or to put fingers to the keyboard and punch it out.

Over time, you simply get better.

As you read more things that are written better than you write, you can be exposed to things that pull out the best in you.

As you continue to write, you get better at writing.  If you're a singer and you actually do have talent, the way you get better is to sing and exercise those vocal chords.  You may get some coaching, but what is the coach going to have you do? Sing.

If you have aspirations to be a speaker, what do you have to do to become a better speaker? You speak.

This has become much more visible in the release of my podcast lately.  I feel that as I'm doing the podcast process and I'm trying to create value for listeners, I'm getting better at speaking and I can put my thoughts together faster and in a more concise way.

There are so many techniques that you can use to get better at things, but at the end of the day, whether you get coaching or read books, the main way to get better is to put it into practice.

Question:  What are some of the things you have gotten better at as a result of "doing the work" to make it happen?

Speaking a Book on the Way to Work

Over the next month or so, in additon to speaking some of my blog posts on my way to and from work, I plan to record myself speaking paragraphs or chapters of an eBook that I've been wanting to write for a while. 

I'm on the highway anyway and it's really as simple as opening the voice recording app and talking instead instead of having the radio on and listening to other people talk.