All You Have to Do is Ask

One of the best pieces of advice that I have heard someone give to a young person is to learn communication skills.

When I mention communciation skills, I know you may be thinking about being able to hold a good conversation, public speaking, and being able to write.

These are all great skills, but one that I believe is absolutely necessary is the ability to ask great questions.

With great questions, you have the opportunity to get great answers.

The worst thing that could happen in a YES/NO question is getting a NO answer. 

But what if you ask for something and the answer is YES?

I have been in situations where my finances were tight and I simply asked a business owner if they would be interested in bartering.  

Without much hesitation, they did and I kept all or most of my money.

As you're going through your day today, please think about some of the things you want.  Think about what questions you should ask others and yourself to get or to accomplish these things.  

Make a decision to ask the questions and do it!

Question:  What are some  of your current goals that could be reached through the power of asking?