A Few Things I’ve Learned

My wife and I were having a nice chat earlier today (it's good to do that if you're married), and I shared a few things that I've learned in my nearly 3 decades on the planet.  

I mentioned that I should blog about it, so here it is.  I believe there are more than 4 things I've learned during my life, but related to what we were talking about, here they are: 

1) We only get 1 life 

If you have figured out some way around this, please let me know and we'll be very wealthy for selling it.  We have one life to live and one shot at making it count.  The thing about it is we don't know how many years, months, days, or seconds we have on this Earth, so we have to live each as if it were our last.  

2) People will always have something to say…some good, some bad

It begins when you are in preschool or elementary school.  Even at such a young age, someone will find something to say about that they just have to let you know.  You'll get compliments, hopefully, from your parents and relatives, but there will always be critics and "haters" as well.  If people see you doing something differently or if you look a little different (or a lot different), then people will feel a need to tell you.  This doesn't end, so get used to it and thicken up your skin.

3) Some people won't agree no matter what you do and you have to be fine with that b/c you know who you are and why

One of the most beautiful things about human beings is that we are all different.  We don't speak alike, we don't walk alike, we don't think alike.  Because of this, we can learn from each other and we can benefit from each others' differences.  These same "beautiful" differences are also reasons for people not to agree with you on things you are passionate about.  You have to learn that not everyone will agree and you can't convince everyone or many people to see things your way. 

4) People will respect you for it in the end and God will honor you for it in eternity

 If you have managed to figure out who you are and who God created you to be, then you should stick to it.  If you have convictions and stick to them, people will respect you.  If you have differing political views or beliefs about parenting and you know what you believe and why, people will eventually respect you for it.  They may not ever tell you, but they will respect you.  If you stay true to what God has called you to do and be, then you will also receive your reward in heaven

I'm no expert on everything, but I do know that I should remain a student of those I consider to be successful in various arenas of life.  So, here's a question for you.  

What are a few things you've learned?