5 Ways to Stay Focused

I'll be the first to admit, with so much technology and gadgets at our disposal, it can be very hard to stay focused these days.  You can start out with the best of intentions, but if you don't take intentional action, you are likely to be distracted.

I have attempted to write this post 5-7 times, but each time I started, I wound up getting distracted by something else and then getting away from it.



Now that I have finally utilized some of the techniques that I list in this post, it's finally getting done.  

Though there are likely many more ways to do it, here are my 5 Ways to Stay Focused:

1)  Place mobile devices out of reach or out of sight – It's amazing how many fewer distractions I have when I take my phone to another room, put it on the charger, then close the door.  I forget about checking emails every couple of minutes.  I don't look down for Facebook or Twitter either.  It all goes back to the saying "out of sight, out of mind".

2)  Shut down your email program – If you are using a program like Microsoft Outlook, you may need to simply close it out.  Having something that flashes across the screen or makes a sound every time you get an email can be very distracting.  Stay focused by shutting that down and getting to the real work at hand.

3)  Sign out of messaging apps/websites – Just as much as email applications can be distracting, leaving messaging program open can cause many distractions.  It doesn't matter if it is attached to your email program, social media, or a stand-alone program, if people can constantly insert themselves into your time, it's going to be hard to keep your mind and attention focused on what you're doing.

4)  Set a timer – Sometimes what we need to do is put the heat on by giving ourselves limited time to complete a task.  If we need to focus better, it may be good to pick a single task and then set the timer for 15 minutes or 30 minutes to get it done.  Working in short bursts may be more productive than trying to get lots of things done in big time chunks.

5)  Focus on the end result – If you, like me, struggle with staying focused, it may be most beneficial to focus on the end result.  If you are focusing on writing a book, your motivation to keep at it may be thinking about the possible results of finishing the book.  Writing a list of benefits and keeping it close may be what you need to get more done.  

As I have stated before, there are likely many more ways to stay focused on your tasks.  

Maybe there are certain apps or techniques that you use to get lots of work done.  

Question:  What are some of the ways you use to stay focused when you have important projects or work to get done?

  • In addition to the things you list, I changed to a stand up desk at work for my computer station.

    • I believe that would help me better as well. I have one that some of my staff members use periodically, but I may have to take it over for a while.