3 Things to Do During Your Commute

I was listening to a story this morning on the radio about a man who has a 3 hour commute to and from work each day, Monday through Friday.  

Now, for me thinking about my 25 or 30 minute commute, that seems ridiculous.  

I'm sometimes tired even after taking that short trip, so I know that I would be extremely exhausted if I had to drive 3 hours each way.  

Either way, it made me think about some things that you can get done during your commute, no matter how long or short it may be.


By no means am I promoting distracted driving, but here are three things that you may be able to do, even with a very short commute.

1.  Pray – In my opinion, you can never pray too much.  As my great-grandmother used to say, "watch out for the other fella".  When you're driving, you're encountering lots of "other fellas" on the road and in addition to wanting them to drive safely for your own protection, their overall well-being can be a great thing to pray for as well.  We often don't know what is going on with other people, so when we see them or think of them, it's a good idea to pray for them.  Remember, though, that you are driving so KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN.

2.  Sing – If you commute by yourself, this may be the perfect opportunity to belt out your favorite songs, especially if you're not musically inclined. Singing often makes me feel better, so if I find a song on the radio or on a CD that I want to hear, the commute is usually when I sing as well.  It brings a smile to my face and it may bring a smile to yours as well.

3.  Record a message about something (blog post, love note, etc) – Often, I can record 3 or 4 blog posts on the way to work.  Later on, I transcribe them and schedule them to post onto my website.  This helps me out because it doesn't take extra time away from my family or time from the work that I need to get done.  If you're not worried about writing blog posts or books, you can record a sweet note to your loved ones that you can probably email directly to them.

I'm sure there are other things you can do to make the most of your morning or evening commute.  

Question:  What are some things you would add to this list?  I'm curious if you do some of these things and/or others.


  • Barry_Dunlap1

    All good ideas!

  • I like to listen. I’ll either listen to a podcast or just try to listen for God. Prayer is a to be a two way conversation. But to many times we focus so much on talking to God, we don’t hear what he has to say. I for one have noticed the Spirit guiding me during many drives to and from meetings.

    • You’re right Eric. I would add those two to the list. Sometimes, it isn’t about what we have to say, but it may be about what others have to say. Either the podcast host or God. Sometimes, I turn off all the noise and simply listen for God’s voice.