National Marriage Week

This week, many people and organizations are celebrating National Marriage Week.  It is a week to recognize married couples and the institution of marriage.

I have been hearing podcasts and seeing blog posts about marriage, including this one by my friend Jackie Bledsoe, Jr.  The blog and social media posts I have seen have been very encouraging and they have also served as reminders that, though marriage is work, it can also be a tremendous blessing.


One reminder that has come to me this week is one of the best gifts we can give our children is to love our spouse well.  Just setting that example is something that our children will remember much longer than any gifts that we will buy or any experiences that we can give them such as trips or vacations.



Early Results from Reader Survey

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post that shared my 2015 Reader Survey.

I was curious to find out who makes up my audience and what they think about the content that I produce.


While looking through the inital results (you can still take the survey until the end of February), I noticed that all of the people who took the survey mentioned that the material they enjoy the most is about family life, parenting, and relationships.  


Try Something Different for Valentine’s Day

Every year, Valentine's day happens as surely as your birthday, anniversary, or other special days.

It shouldn't really be a surprise, but it tends to catch lots of guys off guard and left without a plan for the day (if the day is that special for you).

Since our birthdays, Christmas, and anniversary are all within two months of each other, we generally don't do anything huge, but I try to make some effort to show my wife that I care about her.


A few days ago, a friend of mine mentioned that he had developed a simple app for his wife last year.  Maybe that's the kind of thing that your wife would appreciate and, if so, you can check him out to get one for your significant other.


10 Things That Haven’t Changed in 10 Years of Marriage

A couple of years ago, on my 8th wedding anniversary, I wrote a post called 8 Lessons from 8 Years of Marriage.  Two or three days ago, while reflecting on our upcoming 10th anniversary, I read that post again.  I believe all of the lessons are still useful and you should check out that post if you haven't read it before.

Today, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, I want to share 10 Things That Haven't Changed in Our 10 Years of Marriage.

Here they are (in no particular order):



1) We are committed to a satisfying, lifelong marriage – When we walked down the aisle, we both made up our minds that no matter how tough it gets, we are in it for life. There have been great days and there have been days and seasons where we've wanted do-overs, but we will do what it takes to make it last.


No More Glass Donut Displays

I have a confession to make.
I REALLY like sugar.  I like cake.  I like sugary breads. I like brownies.  I like pastries, especially the Bon Appetit Apple Turnover Danish pastries.  I also like donuts…a lot!
Growing up in Baton Rouge, I came to have an appreciation for Krispy Kreme.  Like so many thousands of people living in that city, I knew what it was like to pass by and see the HOT light on and stop in to get the donuts in their freshest form.
Then, when I moved to the Houston area, I discovered that there was a Shipley's Donuts right outside of my neighborhood that is less than 5 minutes away in walking distance.

Of course, I've already stopped by there too many times.


My One Word for 2015

Last year, I wrote a blog post about my one word for 2014.

In that post, I shared that the word I selected to define 2014 was "measure".

Now, looking back on the past year, I believe that measuring various areas of my life positively contributed to the experiences that I'm having today.
I planned out how I could better measure our finances, meal planning, eating, work tasks, and more and I belive that it started some habits that will care over into 2015.

I couldn't have imagined when I started last year that I would experience so much change from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.  I left my old job and my hometown and started out a new season as a Texan (no, I'm not on the football team with J.J. Watt, but maybe they'll pick me up for a couple of seasons after reading my post).


Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey

As a writer, I have a desire to better engage my audience and to write about the topics that resonate most.  As a first step in doing that, I have created my 2015 Reader Survey.


If you can devote a few minutes, please help me out by completing the survey using the links on this page.  By doing so, you will help me to get a better understand of who is reading my blog content.

The survey is anonymous, easy to fill out, and should take less than about five minutes.  Thanks in advance for your participation!  It really means a lot to me.


Click here to take the 2015 Reader Survey




The Red Plate and Bowl

Sometimes you have original ideas for family traditions and then other times you notice a tradition that someone else is doing and then add it to your family's culture.

I'm not sure where my wife saw the idea (I guess I could ask her, but she's not with me while writing), but we began a "red plate" and "red bowl" family tradition.

Knowing her, she probably got the idea from one of her two favorite online hotpsots, a "mommy" blog or from a posting on Pinterest.

If you're not familiar with how this tradition works, here's my simple explanation.



Ladies, This Could Save Your Life

So, you're probably thinking "What does this guy know that could save a lady's life?"

I'm glad you asked.  I know this post may seem weird coming from a guy, but I do have a wife and three daughters and since it is October, the month recognized as Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I figured that I would share something that I learned.

This morning while browsing through articles in an effort to develop blog topics, I read something that bothered me a lot.  



What are Podcasts and Why Should You Care?

Until a few years ago, I had never heard of the term, “podcast”. It meant absolutely nothing to me, and like many of the people I talk to today, I didn’t understand how much I was missing out on.

Ok. Here’s a general idea of what a podcast is. A podcast is an on-demand audio or video show where you can subscribe and receive content as it is released by the creator.

If you’re still confused, here’s an example:

I currently have one podcast and am planning to add another in a couple of weeks.